Why we should get another dog

by Anni E.

Dear Mom,

I would really like a new dog. I think a dog would be good for Tommy, Aili, and me because we would want to go out and play with the dog. We could take the dog for walks. A dog would be fun to play with. I know you might say dogs shed, but I will vacuum it all up. I would feed and take care of the dog. I know we already have four dogs but I would do as much as I could do for the dog.

1. I could bathe him.

2. I will take him for walks.

3. I will play with him.

4. I could teach him how to swim.

I know you might say that you are the only one who will take care of the dog but I would do the same stuff that I do for Stormy for the new dog.

Can we talk about this on June 4?



Anni E. is a Level 1 student who has two horses and a dog named Stormy.

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