Why we should get an Italian Greyhound

By Vivienne S.

April 12, 2021

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi! I heard you like dogs! I would like you to consider getting an Italian Greyhound. One reason we could get one is we could dress them up. I know dog clothes are expensive but we have a sewing machine. We could make our own clothes like a pom-pom hoodie. I know Violet would get jealous but she can get extra love. She can get more play time, extra walks, and get two peanut butter sticky pads. We can travel with them and most cities are dog friendly so we can drop them off at doggy day care. If we go to Las Vegas then we can stay at The Mirage and drop them off at Camp Bow Wow. I hope you take this into consideration. When would you like to talk?

Yours truly,


Vivienne S. is a Level 1 student who has two birds, two turtles, and two dogs.

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