Why we should get a Belgian waffle maker

Alpha Writing
1 min readJun 15, 2021

by Caden M.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I want a Belgian waffle maker and here’s why.

You may think, “Oh we already have a regular waffle maker, we don’t need another one.” Well, Belgian waffle makers are so much better than regular waffle makers and here are some reasons. The Belgian waffle is so soft and fluffy and almost like a cloud. When you take that bite it is so amazing. It’s like heaven in your mouth. If you think, “Oh, they’re so expensive,” you’re wrong. They are only $40 and a little more with tax. You may think, “You don’t know how to use it, you’re going to burn the house down.” I can just learn on YouTube like anyone would. Those are the reasons why I want a Belgian waffle maker. I would like to talk to you when school is over. Thank you for your time.

Your buddy old pal,


Caden M. is a Level 1 student who enjoys hunting.



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