Why I should lease a horse

By Olivia M.

Dear Mom,

I really want to lease a horse. I love horses so much. I wish I could spend more time with them.

  1. There is a horse I love more than any other horse and I would be able to ride him when I am not in a lesson. If I do lease a horse then I can go to the barn and ride with my friend when she rides her horse named Mickey.
  2. I have everything I need to lease a horse. I know that it is a lot of money so I will start babysitting my cousins. I will pay half of it because I already have some money in my bank account. I think it would be really fun leasing a horse and going to the barn with Brooklyn.
  3. There is a horse I can lease and it is my favorite horse to ride at my barn. His name is Chicago. I love him so much. You’re probably going to say someone already leases him but two people can lease one horse. So can we please talk about it?



Olivia M. is a Level 1 student who likes Chick-fil-A.

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