Why I should get three chickens

By Jacob K.

Dear Mom,

I really want three chickens. The first reason is that they will bring out my inner clucking. Plus they are very cheap at only $36,747. The last reason is that they will produce eggs for me to throw at you. Trust me it will be “fun for me.” I know right now you will not want to get me three chickens because you will say that my inner clucking is not real. Or you could say that they are too expensive, even though they are so cheap. Or you might not want to get hit in the face with eggs, and I don’t know why. Now I will show you why I am right and you should get me three chickens. First my inner clucking is deep down in my heart. I know it is, because my heart is telling me. The second reason is it will only require us to give all our money plus all of our belongings and our house. And the third reason is that you will totally like getting hit in the face with an egg. Anyway, give me it!

I want to talk now!


P.S. You need to get me three chickens now.

Jacob K. is a Level 1 student who likes watching YouTube on his iPad.

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