Why I should get Beyblades

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2 min readJun 16, 2021

by Jack W.

Hi Mom!

I want between one and five Beyblades and I’m prepared to buy them myself by doing work, and by work I mean REAL work. For example, I’ll post stuff on Social Media and I’ll get likes and those likes will turn into money. Or, I’ll go to a bunch of Zoom meetings and link them to my Webinars. Maybe I’ll even get a bonus in November like Dad.

If you don’t like the idea of me having a bunch of Beyblades, then just think of them as chickens. Like chickens, they’re fun to watch and they’re cheepy chop (cheepy chop = cheap). So, when the Beyblades are in chicken form their names will be Egg Master and their special ability will be. . . yolk smash! Won’t that be fun to watch?! I know that you might not want chickens, but chickens are awesome! Besides, who wouldn’t want those harmful creatures that run around the house screaming, “Beyblades are clucky! Beyblades are clucky!”? I mean that wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Another reason I would like Beyblades is Ben and Zeke might not be so obsessed with the iPad because they will want to watch the Beyblades instead. Lastly, they’re super cheap. Even if they don’t work as well as the not cheepy chop Beyblades, I’ll be satisfied. PLEASE get me a Beyblade!!!



My Beyblade Options:

1. Imperial Dragon

Only $6.87 and rated five stars by Amazon users.

2. Spryzen Requiem

Only $5.00!

3. Inferno Salamander

So those are my 3 MOST requested Beyblades. Please consider buying one or let me earn money for them.

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Jack W. is a Level 1 student who loves pie.



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