Why I should get a snake

Alpha Writing
1 min readJun 15, 2021

by Griffin M.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi, this is your son Griffin. I like snakes. Yes, I like snakes. Here are some reasons why I like them and some why you might like them. Reason one: they are fun to play with when you let them slither up your arm. Reason two: they are cool creatures and they can be different colors. Reason three: it is fun to feed them mice and watch them eat.

Now here are some reasons why you might not like snakes. Reason one: you usually say no. Reason two: a snake takes a bit of responsibility. I am not the best at taking care of reptiles but you can give me another chance.

And now for more reasons why I like snakes. I love snakes and I also think they are cool animals. Reason two: snakes cost about $150 and you need an 18 to 20 gallon tank. Reason three: you need dead mice because, if the mice are alive they will bite the snake.

Hopefully see you next time I have a snake. Thank you.



Griffin M. is a Level 1 student who loves fishing.



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