Why I should get a new bike

By Jagger H.


I think I should get a bike because it’s hours of fun. It’s not boring. I would have so much fun with this bike. I could ride it for three hours out of the house, eight times a week. Also, thank you for the old bike that taught me very well. Unfortunately it just broke. That’s another reason why I should get a bike. I could also use it for a very long time if I put it in the garage and take care of it. I know that bikes can be dangerous but I have a solution. I think if I have the right gear I will be safe riding my bike. I can ride this bike with my friends in my neighborhood. I will always wear the gear at all times so I can be safe.

Let’s talk about this next Friday night.

Your Son,


Jagger H. is a Level 1 student who has three siblings.

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