When I Did an Intergalactic Space Battle

By Ali R.

When I did an intergalactic space battle (all true events)

You should accept me into Agents College. One day, I was walking through a military base (because I was the General of the Armed Forces) while eating a jumbo ice cream. A giant blue guy with 16 eyes materialized in front of me. Then, it hit me in the head, and I knew no more.

I woke up chained to the wall of a giant stadium. As I looked around, I saw other creatures that were also chained to the wall. Then, a HUMONGOUS red giant with a crown on its head materialized in the center of the arena and — in a roaring, booming voice — said, “LET THE INTERGALACTIC SPACE BATTLE BEGIN.” The chains then unclamped us, and we all started fighting. First, a humanoid figure with razor sharp blades instead of arms ran toward me while swinging its arms (blades?). I dodged its charge, and it hit another alien, sending them both up in flames. Then, I saw a snake-like beast with scales that looked like stone and had glowing, yellow eyes. It quickly destroyed its opponents and then turned to me, its only opponent left. It duplicated itself five times, and they all attacked. I quickly climbed up the original beast’s back onto its head. I pulled out a scale from its back and stabbed the beast in the eye. Then, the beasts evaporated, and the red giant declared me the winner. For my prize, the red giant gave me a sleek blaster that he said was called the Destructoblaster. It could turn anything into dust, except for him and his subjects. So that is why you should accept me: if you don’t, I will use the Destructoblaster and destroy you. And I will steal all of your CASH.

Ali R. is a Level 2 student who likes VIDEO GAMES, candy and VIDEO GAMES.

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