We Bare Bears: The Movie

By Caden M.

You have probably never heard of We Bear Bears. Now there is a movie called We Bare Bears: The Movie. Here are some of the actors: Demetri Martin as Ice Bear, Jason Lee as Charlie, Eric Edelstein as Grizz, and Bobby Moynihan as Panda.

We Bare Bears: The Movie is where three bears named Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear cause a little bit of mischief in the city. Agent Trout (the bad guy in this movie) is trying to return all the bears to their homes in the wild except Grizz; they want to capture Grizz and put him in a facility. Now they want to go to Canada because people love bears in Canada. Charlie helps them escape in a hippy van and now they are on their way to Canada.

I rate this movie a 95 because of its action, explosion, and drama. What made this movie good is that it’s funny and exciting. I think that this movie matched the show perfectly. I thought this movie could have less back story. My favorite part of the movie was probably when Ice bear saved Panda.

Maybe watch this movie by yourself some time. I hope you liked my movie review.

Caden M. is a Level 1 student who loves biking.