By Asher H.

Irish Famine

Oh, great potato, it is 1846; we have not seen you in a year.

Oh, great potato, we need you now.

Thousands have died, maybe hundreds of thousands by now.

Oh, great potato, it is 1847; we need you now more than ever. Oh, great potato, Jimmy has gone insane. Oh, great potato, Jimmy is with the kids. Oh, great potato, please help us; we went to go get Jimmy. I’m scared of what we found. A knife on the wall, a body on the ground… There is a scream from that hall.

We go to the hall; we see Jimmy with a taco in the hall. Michael yells, “Jimmy, no, not on the carpet!” As Jimmy takes a bite, the wet meat spills all over the floor. Michael yells, “Not the carpet!” and goes in with an axe. Jimmy is dead now. It’s not that sad. I’m kinda glad that Jimmy is gone. He was kinda annoying because he put all of those bodies on the wall. He could not even reach the top because he is not that tall.

Bruce and the Moose

I am chilling here, drinking apple juice
With my friend Bruce.
I am also eating a potato
While shaping Play-Do.
I think Bruce is about to produce a moose.
Bruce, why did you just produce that moose?
The moose is gonna hang you on a noose!
Come on, Bruce, over there I think I see a pear.
Come on, Bruce, behind the pear, I think I see a daycare.
Bruce, watch out! I see the moose, and he is carrying a noose!

Asher H. is a Level 2 student who is overly obsessed with potatoes.

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