Two Stories

By Alyssa P.

Scary Dreams

I have these scary dreams where people are killing me.

I’m thinking that maybe I’m dead.

I have some water to make me feel better.

I hope that I’m not really dead.

I’ve been seeing the knives in my dreams and can’t take back the traumatizing feelings.

It’s to the point where I cannot control it, and people are worried I don’t know what I should do.

Let’s just leave the stuff in the past. I do not want it to last.

I really want to believe it’s fake.

I am tangled up in these drastic ways.

Who knew evil dreams would have an effect on your brain.

Cape Town, South Africa

I woke up on the shore of Table Bay. I probably sleepwalked there. I found a little surprise on my foot; it was a crab pinching my toes. I shook it off, and it ran into the water. I started walking back to my hotel: Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers.

It’s $117, I don’t have that kind of money, so I snuck in with Ivy. On my walk back to the hotel, I ran into Ivy. She was covered in window cleaner. “What happened?” I said. “ They found me in the bathroom and kicked me out,” she said. I walked back to the hotel to get my stuff. After I got dressed, I was hungry. I went to Dale’s Black Angus Grill.

Alyssa P. is a Level 2 student who enjoys swimming and art.



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