By Archer S.

Oh one wheel,

Oh my, have people underestimated you,

Just a “rip off” of the hoverboard they say,

But you, you are better than the hoverboard will ever be,

How you drive smoothly and stably through the streets,

While the hoverboard hides its wheels and says its lies of being a (hoverboard)

You embrace them, you are not a (hoverboard) you are so much more.

You can ride in the smooth streets or shred the rocky offroad,

Oh one wheel,

You are the best at your job,

Don’t ever feel sad for who you are,

You are the one wheel.

Oh, cars,

How you take things to the next level,

How you give humans an experience of a lifetime,

How you travel great distances,

Oh, cars

how you evolved,

So much to learn from you,

Travel so far with so little effort.

But for you to be complete, you must remove us

Oh speed,

How fast you go,

What a feeling you give me,

You come in so many forms,

Oh speed,

You are so fast that light itself can’t keep up,

Humans will only know so little of you,

Sound and light are your ally,

Try to keep up.

Archer S. is a Level 2 student who wrote this ode and is twelve years old and likes to drive cars.

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