By Karl Henry S.

Ode to a Serpent

O Serpent, I love the way you devour souls.

When you spit your poison, magic happens.

I mean face-melting magic, literally.

O serpent, I love when you eat people.

With your teeth sharp as metal

Ode to Memes

O memes

I like when you destroy public property

O memes

I love when you push people out of the windows.

O memes

I like that you look like STUFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

O memes

I love when you eat Smurfs

Ode to Animal Crossing

O Animal Crossing

You’ve crossed my brain.

O Animal Crossings

Your animals are crossing the laws.

O Animal Crossing

You make me build bridges and inclines

O Animal Crossing

Plus a museum and a shop.

O Animal Crossing

You shine the most when you rain.

O Animal Crossing

You have lawn mowers that don’t work on your grass.

Karl Henry S. is a Level 2 student who loves gaming and playing with friends.

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