This is a review about dogs

By Jude H.

I like dogs because mine is furry and cute, but they can be very messy. But it’s ok, you just have to train them, like this:

If you get one, then you have to feed it and take it on walks. I live on a lake, so my dog Goldy swims a lot. But I like to dry her. It’s fun for me. I told my mom I wanted my dog to have puppies, but she said, “No.” I mean, I don’t know why. She sleeps in my mom and dad’s room. That is where his bed is.

If you don’t like to clean up after something, then I don’t suggest getting a dog. I try to teach my dog tricks, but sometimes she just wants the treat and does not do it. Dogs make me smile, and I get happy! Perhaps that’s why they call them man’s best friend.

In my front yard I have a lot of trees, so my dog likes to chase squirrels and birds. It is funny to watch my dog track the squirrels down and sit under a tree. And sometimes when we have friends and dogs over it does get pretty loud because they all bark.

It’s fun when I have to go outside and I play with my dog. I like to race my dog. My brother has a cat and when another dog is over they chase the cat and the cat climbs up a tree.

I think that everyone should get a dog, because it’s fun in my opinion. You can take it on walks, you can also teach it tricks, and it will make you smile.

Jude H. is a Level 1 student who likes dogs.