By Ewan C.

Chapter 1

“Once upon a time, there was a chicken on this fateful night. This chicken was no ordinary chicken. He was very smart and understood humans, so there were these humans who murdered all of his family and put him in a cage. After that, they experimented on him, turning him into a monster called The Wherechicken.”

“After this, the chicken escaped and murdered the humans who held him captive, in this forest, and on this night,” said Joane in a spooky tone. “AAAHH!” screamed Will in fear. “Oh don’t be such a baby, Will, it’s only a legend,” said Joane.

“What would happen if it was real?” said Will, still struck with fear.

“Just try and not think about it,” said Joane in a sarcastic tone. “And plus, it’s getting late, just try and go to sleep.”

So Joane puts out the fire and both Will and Joane go into their tents.

Chapter 2

Will hears a large sound and wakes up startled sometime in the night. He lays in his tent for a while, and decides to check on Joane. “Joane?” asked Will in a frightened tone.

“Are you there?” He gets closer to the tent and opens it. Instead of finding Joane sleeping, he finds footsteps leading outside of her tent. He follows the footsteps that then leads inside a cave. Will decides to go back to the tents to get a flashlight to try to find Joane who probably went inside the cave. Now ready with a flashlight, he goes back and turns on his flashlight. As he heads inside the cave, the cave entrance crumbles behind him, locking him inside.

Chapter 3

Will realizes he’s stuck in this cave and calls for help. After he realizes it’s useless calling for help, he continues to search for Joane, going deeper inside the cave. He heads deeper inside the cave, calling Joane every step he takes. As Will goes deeper inside the cave, he stops and finds a metallic door at the end of it. He walks up to it as fear crawls up his spine. He slightly opens the door and pulls out his flashlight. He checks for anything inside. Suddenly, his flashlight flickered off. He was stuck in a dark cave without being able to see. Will in a state of panic, rushes inside the room and trips on something, causing him to fall to the ground. Will tries to get up but can’t for some reason, like gravity is applying twice as much. Suddenly, lights turn on around him. Will then hears a mysterious male voice say, “You’re not supposed to be here.” He lifts his head only to find a chicken/wolf figure. Before Will can yell, he gets knocked out by a blunt object.

Chapter 4

Will wakes up later in a white room and in an orange jumpsuit, with a mechanical door on the side. Suddenly, the door opens and Will looks at it. Being curious, he decides to go inspect it. he realizes it leads to a hallway and then decides to go down the hallway. As Will walks down the hall, the floor below him shakes. Then it shakes more. Will feels like he should go back to the room he was just in, but then the floor collapses before he can even run. Will wakes up back in his tent, scared and tired, he goes outside the tent and finds Joane roasting a marshmallow. “Oh hey Will, want a marshmallow?” Joane says in a chill tone. “I see you just woke up.”

“Yeah, I just did,” in a scared voice. “I had the worst dream last night.”

“Still scared about that spooky story I told ya?” Joanne chuckles as she says that.

Will sighs and says, “Yeah.”

Ewan C. is a Level 2 student who likes to code and play games. He has two dogs, which are both dachshunds.

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