The Search for the Emerald

By Luke M.

Once upon a time there were three adventurers named Charles, Jack, and Hugo. They read a story about an emerald as large as an ostrich egg and dreamed of finding it. This jewel had not been seen in a long time, but had been talked about in legends over hundreds of years.

One day, they looked in their grandfather’s old box of stuff in the attic and came across a map. At the center of the map, was an ostrich-sized emerald. They set off in search of the legend.

The adventurers came across the first test on the map, which was miles of desert to cross. The only way across the desert was on a camel. They borrowed three camels from a friend and faced many dangers, including quicksand, snakes, and ginormous scorpions. With the help of the map, they made it through.

After they crossed the desert, they came to the second test, which was a jungle. The camels couldn’t cross the jungle, so they had to walk on foot. The map showed them how to stay away from all of the challenges. These included a herd of hippos, anacondas, and worst of all — giant mosquitos.

Tired and hungry, they came to the final test. A rocky mountain that they had to climb to get to the jewel. Jack almost slipped off the cliff. Their legs felt like noodles. They had to fight off billy goats. Finally, they reached the top.

At the top, they searched, but couldn’t find the jewel. Hugo looked at the map again and saw a riddle. The riddle said:

If you make it to the top,

Then you have to hop

Three times left and three times right

Look up to see where there’s light.

So they hopped three times left and three times right. Then they looked up to see where there was light. The sun shined on a mirror and reflected onto a rock that was made of gold. Charles ran over and looked behind it. They found the lost Emerald. The adventurers walked off into the sunset.

Luke M. is a Level 1 student who has 3 hermit crabs, 2 sharks, 2 filter fish and 1 crawfish living in his room.

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