The Scrapped Nightmare

By Levi W.

Ding dong! The doorbell rang, I felt excitement bubbling up inside of me, my special delivery had arrived… I ripped open the box and saw… rabbit ears? I ordered the bear, not the rabbit. I decided to see the condition of the rabbit, so I ripped the box down and saw its face, it looked normal at first, but wait, was that, a… A… CORPSE?

It was hideous, disgusting, REVOLTING, its face was pale, with dead, yellow eyes that seemed to peer into my soul. It had sharp, bloodstained teeth and I couldn’t help but imagine them impaled in my skull. I then packed it back up and, wait, did its eyes move? I could tell there was something deeper, lying in wait. I decided to ignore it and keep packing it up. After I packed it up, I left it outside and waited for the delivery man to arrive. As I saw the delivery man leave with it, I felt a shiver go down my spine. The delivery man had no idea what he was dealing with…

tap. tap. tap. tap. At first, I thought it was just the rain on the window, but then I realized that there was no rain forecasted for tonight. I opened my blinds and saw it. The rabbit’s eyes hungrily stared at me, glowing yellow in the darkness. BANG! BANG! BANG! The rabbit relentlessly slammed its head against the window, and a crack appeared, it grew bigger and bigger until the window broke open. But by then I was already running far, far, away.

Levi W. is a Level 2 student who exists.



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