By Jude H.

One day, some evil onions came to life at night inside a lab. It was a Thursday in October. The onions went on their search to find the potion that could make other onions come to life.

The onions left the lab with the potion. Then the onions went to every house to turn the onions alive. But then the two scientists realized the onions were gone.

“What are we going to do? The boss is going to fire us. We got to find the onions fast. Come on, we gotta find those onions. But what? They took the potion! They’re probably going to turn the onions alive.” They went to the onion king. The king said, “Let’s invade.”

Then the onions attacked. The onions marched forward. Then the army fought. The onions were taking over. But the army had a potion that made the king turn good.

Then the army found the onion king. They poured the potion on him and turned him good. Then they made a truce to stop attacking each other. Then they threw a party. Then they were happy.

Jude H. is a Level 1 student.

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