The movie review about Dennis the Menace

By Parker P.

Once upon a time there was a movie called Dennis the Menace. In the movie there are two main characters. One of them is Dennis. The person who plays Dennis is Mason Gamble. Oh and by the way the movie came out in 1993!

The two main characters in the movie are Dennis and the old man. Dennis sneaks into the old man’s home and pulls pranks on him while he sleeps. Then Dennis’s mom and dad go away for a little bit then they ask the old man if they can babysit him while they are gone! Then the old man had a celebration for a magical plant and before the celebration he told Dennis to not mess it up. Then the old man got robbed by a thief and Dennis saw that he got robbed! Then Dennis ran to the celebration. Then Dennis accidentally messes the celebration up! Then the old man and Dennis fingered out how to get together! Then at the end of the movie the old man said when you are taking care of a kid you have to be ready for anything. Then Dennis was making a smor. Then Dennis put the marshmallow on fire then he started to fling the stick that had the marshmallow on it. Then the marshmallow was flung off the stick then hit the old man’s head!

I think this movie is great because it is really funny in my opinion. I would rate it 90 because it is weird, funny and really silly! I would like to send this to my friends because I think they would like it! I think the movie is great in my opinion!

Parker P. is a Level 1 student who likes to camp!

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