The Life of a Cardboard Costume

By Will B.

I was born in 2020, turned into a package and taped together with a bunch of candy inside me.

That was definitely not a pleasant experience for a little bit of cardboard. Then I had a person grab me up from the closet, take out the candy, and put me in a pile. Oh noooo I’m being picked out from the pile. Twenty minutes later, I was a dragon head. Now I get to roaaar. I also have blue cups on my head. And now I’m sitting on a table waiting to be worn. Whoa wait, I’m being tried on! This is a very strange experience, and very different from having candy inside of me. There seems to be another person in a box following me. You can’t get me, undercover spy! Oh, no not again, wait I’m in a metal box heading somewhere! One of the undercover spies has captured me!

I’m here at what they call their house and I’m being taken into this fortress, it even has locked doors so I will never escape!! I must be going to prison, and now I’m heading in! Wow, that’s good air conditioning ahhhhhh. It’s a trap!!! I’m going into a wood prison cell with a swinging door. I will escape aaaaaaaa-a-a-a…

Will B. is a Level 2 student who loves climbing and reading.

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