By Ivy H.

4/17/2020 Friday 11:35

I feel very annoyed because I just want the week to be over. Jagger, who is my brother, keeps yelling at me because I’m apparently distracting. I am also kind of happy because tomorrow I get to ride Honey. Honey is the horse I get to half lease. Sunday is my dad’s birthday and I am really excited. Maybe I am just tired because I woke up at 2:00 in the morning, or because it is cloudy outside. I hope you enjoyed your day!

4/21/2020 Tuesday 11:35

I feel pretty happy today. It’s because tomorrow I get to ride Honey. Honey is the horse I half lease. Also it is not that cloudy outside. We get to go to Petco today and pick up a new tank for my fish. He has something called fin rot. It is where his fins are tearing. We ordered a few things for that too. His name is Arron and he is a premium butterfly male betta fish. I also have a bumble bee male betta fish named Ransom. I love both of them! I hope you’re having a fun day!

4/22/2020 Wednesday 11:50

Today is a very gross day outside. But I feel happy. It’s because I get to ride Honey today and my fish are happy because I moved them into a very clean tank. I also cleaned my guinea pig’s cage. My guinea pig is named Glenda and my sister’s is named Clementine. It makes me happy when I see my animals happy. Today is also Ms. Megan’s birthday! I hope you have a fun birthday Ms. Megan!

Ivy H. is a Level 1 student who likes horses and hopes to get a cockatiel someday.

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