By Joe Joe P.

Once upon a time, there was an island that was very small and in it there was a castle. The castle was filled with guards inside and outside. The king and queen are… well, you don’t want to meet them because they are mean and dramatic. In the middle of the city there was a statue. The statue was a man, he was strong and every day people walked to it and stopped and stared at it, delighted by the sight for about one minute.

People say that that statue comes to life and tries to fight the guards to get in but I never believed it.

One day there was a scream in the castle and all the guards rushed towards where the scream was coming from, but they found nothing. They went back downstairs and as they were going the statue was there. They started fighting it and it fought back. The statue won the fight and that was the first time he got through the guards and then after that, he ran upstairs. There were more guards; it was harder to fight off than the first guards but he fought those off too.

The reason he tried to get into the castle was to get jewels. The reason he wanted to get jewels is because he wanted to trade for something different. He isn’t actually a statue, he has a suit that makes him look like a statue, he actually lives underground right under the real statue. You never know what is in the underground cave.

Now you know that all the guards have been defeated. The king and queen are at the castle with no one to protect them and the fighting statue in the castle trying to get the jewelry. If you were the king or queen I promise you would not want to be in this position. The king and queen are on the forty third floor and the fighting statue is on the eighteenth floor. He has a long way to go.

The fighting statue is going as fast as he can then going into the doors and going back upstairs again and he kept doing that until he found the jewelry. He could not find any jewelry and then he found the king and queen. When he found the king and queen he also found the jewelry. So he went over to the jewelry to get it before they could see him, but they saw him and they screamed, “Guards get him,” but there were no guards to get him. He got the jewelry and ran downstairs. He kept going downstairs past all of the dead guards until he got to the very bottom, he went outside and went underground to his cave. In his cave he put the jewelry in his safe and went over to the phone and called his master A.K.A the evil one, someone you don’t want to meet…

There was a lot of jewelry. He is a thief, that’s a fact. He turned off his light and went to bed. He was laying in his bed for a while and he heard digging.

Joe Joe P. is a Level 1 student who likes to play sports and video games.

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