By Cora T.

Hi my name is Cornbread and I’m a 5 year old Golden Retriever. I live with a very nice boy named Rex and his mom, dad, the little sister that for some reason I always see three of, and a cat named Nutella. Nutella is so mean to me. Last week she broke the table and blamed it on me. This family looks at something they call TV. They always watch it in the mornings and at night. In the mornings they go somewhere they call work. They’re at work 9 to 5. It’s pretty long if you ask me. Every year the whole family gathers around and celebrates this thing they call holidays. They give each other presents and eat a lot of food.

Hanging out with Rex is so much fun. We play ball and swim all the time. Every girl or woman wears makeup and once I got into it and it was all over my face. Once I climbed into Rex’s pants. I could not get out so I decided to just sleep in the pants until Rex found me and got me out. One day I was outside and I saw a raccoon and then it started to chase me until I got into the house and since then I’ve been scared of raccoons. My best friend Coco is a dachshund who lives down the street. I’ve known him since I was a pup. Nutella just told me that Coco was moving away. I do not believe her because of all the mean things she has done to me.

After a good nap I went over to the kitchen and I heard my family say that Coco is moving away but I don’t believe it. So I went over to see him and I saw lots and lots of boxes. I found him sitting on the curb of the street crying. He said that they were going to put him in a shelter. I left with a sad feeling inside, but I did not know that Nutella was following me. We went back home and Nutella saw me crying so she started to be a little nicer because she knew I just lost a friend. Then a plan came to Nutella’s head. It was the perfect plan to get Coco back. She told me the plan and I liked it.

I got stuffed toys that looked like Nutella and me. Then we went through the doggie door to get out.

We found a map and remembered that the shelter is in Florida and we were in Texas so we jumped on a bus for 20 hours. We finally got there and saw that Coco was about to go inside the shelter. We had one more stuffed animal that looked like Coco. So we swapped them out and got on a bus home. While we were on the bus we asked Coco if he wanted to live with us. He said yes! We came back home and Coco joined the family.

Cora T. is a Level 1 student who loves pizza and has a dog named Lucy.

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