By Lexi C.

Axton sat on the bridge looking out the window as the stars flew by. “Do we have to go near the black hole?” he asked curiously.

“Yes, we do. You heard Doug, he needs these photos for scientific purposes,” replied Zyla, steering the ship towards the coordinates of the black hole.

“I still don’t think this is a good idea,” mumbled Axton.

“None of us think this is a good idea,” replied Aeryn sternly, plopping himself down in the seat next to Axton.

“What do we do if we get stuck in the black hole?” asked Afia nervously, sitting down next to Zyla and fidgeting with her horns.

Zyla looked at Afia. “You worry too much Afia. We’ll be fine, we just picked up fuel and supplies at the F61 starbase,” she replied.

The ship slowed to a stop. Zyla gazed out the cockpit window, “Well, here we are, the black hole.” In front of the ship, they saw a huge, cavernous hole of black nothingness.

“I say we slowly get closer to the hole,” said Afia.

Axton put his head in his hands. “I’ve lived for 260 years, please don’t get us stuck Zyla! I still have more life ahead of me!” pleaded Axton, holding his horns firmly.

“Your horns are turning blue Axton. Yours too Afia. You both have a right to be scared, but we have to do this,” replied Aeryn calmly.

Zyla slowly brought the ship closer to the hole. She looked over her shoulder, “Quit the talk, you guys! We have a job to do,” she said loudly.

“Aeryn, go up and get the space arm ready, it needs the camera,” Afia told Aeryn.

“Sure thing, Afia,” replied Aeryn, getting up and walking down the hall.

Later Aeryn came sprinting down the hall waving a picture in his hands. “Done!” He said.

Axton jumped up. “Let’s get out of here!” he yelled cheerfully, his horns turning yellow.

Zyla plugged new coordinates into the computer system, but the ship was motionless, “I can’t! The ship won’t move!” yelled Zyla fearfully.

“We’re getting sucked in! Turn around and hit the hypercoil before it’s too late!” yelled Afia, her horns turning a deep shade of indigo.

“I’m trying my best!” said Zyla panicked, pushing the hyper coil button. The ship jumped and dashed out of the black holes clutches “Free!!!” yelled everyone excitedly.

Axton gave Afia a hug, “Now let’s go back to Oberon!”

Lexi C. is a Level 2 student who loves her dog, climbing trees, building rockets, and creating art.

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