By Joe Joe P.

Once upon a time there was a rich family. There was a one year old boy, a six year old girl, a thirteen year old boy, and a mom and dad. They bought everything they wanted and they never ever washed their clothes, they just bought new ones. Then their clothes just got moldy, and moldier, and moldier every day.

Three years later there was a blob of mold and it started growing bigger and bigger and bigger and it sucked up everything in its path! The mold was green with blue stripes in it and it smelled like slime. Nobody was there when that happened. They were all at the store together buying all of the stuff they wanted and all of their clothes. About thirty minutes later they got back and the whole house was a big blob and their clothes started getting moldy too and then the blob sucked all of them up. Then it pushed them back out, but it put a spell on them. The spell was anything they touched turned moldy or if they stepped on it or, even breathed on it it would turn moldy. The spell also meant if they did not use their money in a good way then the things they bought disappeared. So then they now live in the forest and they had to look everywhere and they finally found that and it looked very old and broken down.

They learned their lesson to wash their clothes so that did not happen again but every time they still got moldy because of the spell. If they didn’t wash their clothes then it would happen again even though either way they would get moldy but only one way it happens again. Now they almost always wear gloves and the gloves turn moldy but not whatever they’re holding with the gloves. They didn’t have any friends because no one else lived in the forest and because anything they touch turns to mold. Then one day they met a person.

The person was very, very old. He had wrinkled skin everywhere and he had a squeaky voice. He said to them, “I will help you.” They were very surprised and they said, “How do you know what happened to us?” He laughed and said, “I am the one who made that happen to you.” The family said, “What do you mean?” The old man said, “I made a machine years ago.” The family asked, “What machine?” He said, “It is a long story but I will tell you later.” “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, TELL US NOW!” screamed the family. The old man said, “OK fine, a few years ago I made a machine that if anything turns moldy its owner would cast a spell on them and it happened to you.” The family said, “Why did you have to make that machine?” The old man said, “So people would learn their lesson and now I made a machine that takes away the spell.” The family said, ”YES can you use it on us?” “Only if you do something for me,” said the old man. The family said, ”What is it?” “Dig a hole in the ground big enough for all of you to fit in and then get in and stay in it forever,” commanded the old man. They said, “WHAT? No we can not do that.” The old man said, “Then I guess you will keep the spell.” “OK fine we will do that,” said the family. Now people all over the world look in forests and dig holes to find them but the family was never found.

Joe Joe P. is a Level 1 student who has three sisters and loves to play basketball.

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