Tacos Invade

Alpha Writing
2 min readDec 9, 2020

By Caden M.

One day in Mexico, at a house in the middle of nowhere, there was a family that loved tacos. They ate them every single day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One night they turned into a taco by eating too many tacos. And they started the disease of Taco Fever. It spread all over Mexico to every man, woman, and child. Each time the disease spread to one person the taco got bigger.

One day in merry old England, a person with taco fever washed up on shore. They brought him to a hospital nearby. He woke and bit somebody and spread Taco Fever. The USA had to nuke Great Britain because there were too many dangerous contagious tacos walking around on the street. A nuke went to Britain. Britain was destroyed.

The US sent a team of super spies to go to Britain and investigate. They only saw beans. Beans, just beans. (What they did not know was that those beans were eggs).The eggs hatched and tacos came out and started destroying the land.They swam across the Pacific Ocean to get to the US.

The tacos started rampaging across the USA. They didn’t stop until they reached their goal: world domination. The US military did everything in their power to stop them but they couldn’t beat them. They were too strong. Then when all hope was lost Timmy came in and saved the day.

Timmy killed as many Tacos as he could. It wasn’t enough. So super duper strong Timmy stepped in and started destroying as many tacos as he could. There were too many tacos. They gave up and retreated. Right when they gave up hope, Lazerbeam from Australia dropped a plane of venomous snakes onto the tacos. The snakes devoured the tacos.

A peace treaty was signed that day. The whole world was at peace now. That night the world celebrated their victory. The one thing that the world didn’t know was that the tacos survived the nuke.

To be continued.

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Caden M. is a Level 1 student who likes tacos and nachos.



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