By Nicholas D.

One day, a fish was swimming around the Atlantic Ocean. It came across a glowing stone and ate it. Suddenly, the fish felt blasts of energy and became SUPER FISH!!!

Super Fish saw a bully picking on a fish and laser-eyed the bully fish and ate it. Wow, this is getting dark. Super Fish saw a fish that was the weirdest fish he had ever seen. It had a weird symbol on its chest. Super Fish immediately knew that it was his arch fish nemesis. Super Fish went and attacked the weird fish. WHAT?! That fish just teleported away. That was weird… Then, Super Fish discovered that he could literally fly 2,000 miles per hour, so he scanned the ocean and finally found the teleporting fish.

— — — — — — — — -<> — — — — — — — —

Super Fish snuck up to the teleporting fish, laser-eyed him. The teleporting fish fought back and it was an epic battle, but Super Fish finally won. The end.

Nicholas D. is a Level 1 student who loves Fortnite.

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