By Henry A.

There is a place called Squish City. In Squish City everything is squishy. It has the nickname “Town of Squishiness.” When you step on squishy ground for the first time it is a little uncomfortable because it is so squishy. The best thing about living in Squish City is that it is easy to fall asleep.

However, there is a downside to living in Squish City. Some monsters live in Squish City and like to play with the squishy stuff. Sometimes they destroy squish houses. The people made a giant wall to keep the monsters out. Squish scientists are trying to find a way to defeat the squishy monsters. We have other problems like all the buildings are made of Jello so people eat them sometimes. We discovered the hard way that the Jello will melt in the rain. We changed the walls to giant squishmallows so now people won’t eat the walls, and the squishmallows will absorb water.

In Squish City the cars are so squishy that if you hit another car, the car squishes a little bit. If you fall down the stairs, it doesn’t hurt because they are SQUISHY! The trees and plants are squishy and if you touch them, they will squish. So I would not punch a tree because it will punch you back. DO NOT PUNCH THE TREES or you will be sorry.

The people in Squish City are squishy. If you hug them it will feel like you are hugging a squishmallow. Speaking of squishmallows, Squish City is also famous for its squishmallows and it has 50 squishmallow factories across Squish City and they make 5,000,000 a year. The pets in Squish City are squishmallows and they’re alive. This may sound crazy but it’s true. In Squish City you can play with your squishmallow and it will play with you. Squishmallows are my favorite pets in Squish City. They also have small hamster squishmallows and fish squishmallows. You can have any type of pet in squishmallow form.

Henry A. is a Level 1 student who likes to play video games.

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