By Olivia M.

In the movie, Secret Life of Pets 2, there are a lot of funny animals that can speak. The setting of the movie is in Manhattan, New York. Max the dog is the main character and he is really funny. He also has a brother named Duke. When the owner named Katie got Duke, Max did not like Duke but now they are best friends.

In the beginning of the movie, there is a bunny named Snowball. He thinks he is a superhero. He is nice to his owner but he is mean to other people. He is also really crazy! All the other characters’ names are Gidget the dog, Max the dog, Chloe the cat, Duke the dog. There is also Tiberius the bird, Katie the owner of Max and Duke, Mel the dog, Pops the dog and Norman the hamster. I think all the characters were useful because they all had a good role in the movie. It made the movie flow extremely well.

My favorite character in the movie is Gidget the Dog because she is really funny and sweet to everyone. I don’t have a least favorite character because I like all of the characters.

My least favorite part of the movie is when Max and Duke go into a well and there were a bunch of other animals with them. Max and Duke were really scared because they were threatened by Snowball to live in a small well for a year with no food. It made me feel sad because I would never let an animal be in that situation. I love animals and have two dogs so that would never happen if I owned that pet.

If they did not do that then they would have to get bitten by a rattlesnake. My favorite part of the movie is when Max and Duke invited their friends over and had a big party! I would give the movie a five star review because I liked the movie from beginning to end. This is my favorite movie that I have seen in a long time.

Olivia M. is a Level 1 student who likes to horseback ride.

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