By Hannah B.

The setting of the story is in New York City. The main character of the story is Max. Max is a dog who lives in an apartment with his brother, Duke, and his owner, Katie. The apartment is a great size for the three of them.

In the beginning of the movie, Katie met a man named Chuck. Soon Katie and Chuck married and Chuck moved in. Max liked Chuck and everyone got along. I don’t like Chuck that much because he isn’t very useful as a character, but because of him they went to the farm. It was Chuck’s father who had the farm. Max learns that Katie is going to have a baby. Max does not want Katie to have a baby. It does not make sense to me, I think Max should like babies because it fits his character in the movie. When the time came Katie had a baby named Liam. At first Max did not like Liam, but when he grew up a little bit he liked Liam. Max starts worrying that Liam might get hurt.

One day Max learns that they are going to the country to see Liam’s grandfather. I was not expecting them to go to the farm. It made the movie better because the farm is a better setting. So they get in the car and drive to the farm. Max and Duke love being in the car. I like that they love being in the car, it is a humorous trait to the movie. When they get to the farm that night, Max learns that there is another dog here named Rooster. Also Max learns that dogs sleep outside on the farm. The next morning Rooster did his job herding the animals. Duke thinks Rooster is cool but Max doesn’t like him. I think Rooster is cool too- herding animals is a cool job.

That same morning, a pig was out of his pen and he was eating when he wasn’t supposed to. Duke thinks he should get Rooster, but Max thinks he can do it by himself. Max bites the pig and the pig goes crazy and opens the sheep pen. All the sheep run out and that’s when Rooster comes, he herds the sheep back but one named Cotton is missing. Rooster makes Max come with him to get the sheep. They got there and Cotton was on a tree hanging off a cliff, but he wasn’t scared. This is one of my favorite parts, Cotton is a very funny character. It was very funny. Rooster said Max has to get Cotton, Max gets over his fear and saves Cotton. The next day Max has to leave and Rooster gives Max a bandana like Rooster. I like the part where Rooster gives Max the bandana, that means Rooster likes Max. Secret Life Of Pets is a great movie because it is funny and entertaining. I have watched this movie four times! I would give this movie four stars.

Hannah B. is a Level 1 student who likes nature, animals, horseback riding, running, and tennis.

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