Roast Battle

Alpha Writing
1 min readMar 28, 2021

By Christopher M.

You’re in a battle

With your best friend.

He is roasting you hard

You think this is the end.

Wham! He hits you with a spicy roast,

You’re on fire!

You’re like burnt toast.

You’re losing hard,

You’re like old cheese.

Your one good roast,

He reversed with ease.

You run from the room for a chance to live,

The door is locked,

You turn around and there he is!

Suddenly you’re on your knees,

Begging for mercy. “Please, oh, Please!”

At that moment your mind gets a spark,

A fire roast that just might work.

The words leave your tongue like flames from a dragon,

Your face lights up with beams of passion.

Your “friend” filled with horror and shock,

It looks like he just got slapped with a sock.

Now lifted on your feet,

Your “friend” here looks like uncooked meat.

The score is now 100 to o’

Your heart is colder than sub-zero.

Ha Ha. I wish I was good at roasting.

Christopher M. is a Level 2 student who likes science, math, and engineering.



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