By Sam G.

Peppa Pig is a show about a pig with a little brother named George. Peppa Pig is an old show made in 2004. It is kinda funny but kinda not. I picked this show because of the dramatic characters. For example, Mommy Pig falls down and she screams even when she knows that she is invincible. I like this show because of their British accents. It just makes it a lot better and funnier!

I watch Peppa Pig once every two weeks to one month, so I don’t watch it too often but I watch it every once in a while. My favorite episode is when Peppa Pig goes to the Mountain Beauty Spot then when going back, Daddy Pig drops the keys down the drain. That is what makes this episode funny. The episode is called Lost Keys.

My favorite character is George because of all the epic fails he had being him. George is really obnoxious and he overreacts just like the others. He had dinosaur toys that he plays with but whenever he saw a dinosaur on TV he’d cry. I am not similar at all to George because I am not dramatic and I don’t cry when I see a dinosaur on TV.

If I had to rate this show I would rate it an 8.5 out of ten. I think that this show should stay the same because it’s great how it is. I probably wouldn’t suggest this show because I don’t think any other people like Peppa Pig.

Sam G. is a Level 1 student who likes sports and has three brothers, Henry, Jack and Luke. He wants to be a professional basketball player when he grows up.

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