By Reese B.

Dear Past Self,

Get ready because it will be a wild journey. I would stock up on toilet paper if I were you (umm, I am you). You are probably wondering why but just trust me. Everything will be shut down. You will find out on some Friday that you will be moving to Texas the next day. Don’t be scared, it will be great. There will be a cold freeze in Texas, and everyone will lose power we will be freezing, and you will have to go to Seven Eleven to get food. You will stay at a family friend’s extra apartment that has heat. This is coming to you from 2021. BE SAFE!


Future Self

Watch Ya Step

It all started on a normal Thursday until the unthinkable happened. How dare you fall for Alyssa’s trick. It caused you a lot of pain and embarrassment.

You had to walk like a penguin so it would not hurt; you had to take the elevator; you also had to miss lacrosse for a week and a half.

YOU HAVE DONE THIS TWICE! (I mean, I can’t blame you for doing a sick break dance move) BUT STILL! You have to be safer next time.

From yourself,



Reese B. is a Level 2 student who plays lacrosse and guitar, and she hopes to become a fashion designer. She already has her own shop on South Congress and is designing a website.

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