By Cooper B. with assistance from Sebi G.

Next Level is trash,

Always ranked last.

You know they aren’t fast.

When they play us they get harassed.

The coaching is bad.

Their players are mad.

When they play us they’ll be sad.

They probably get it from their dad.

They should switch to chess.

Their plays are always a mess.

They can’t break the press.

We always finesse.

They call gatorade by the flavor.

They need to get braver.

Let’s save ’em for later,

They’re worse than my neighbor.

They’re built like a duck.

That’s how you know they suck.

We put ’em in a blender,

They’re forced to surrender.

They always shoot brick.

You know they ain’t slick.

They’re worse than the Knicks.

They don’t got any kicks.

We get to the court.

They need mental support.

Why they so short?

They can’t play a sport.

Send ’em to the floor.

They gotta explore.

They can’t take no more.

They’re shaped like a door.

Storm is just better.

’Cause our favorite cheese is cheddar,

They keep getting upsetter.

Next level needs to get better.

Cooper B. is a Level 2 student who likes to play basketball.

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