By Ivy H.

My betta fish have two tanks they enjoy.

The water trickles as it makes a loud noise.

The filter runs all day, everyday,

while Aaron and Ransom play.

My first betta was Aaron

and then came Ransom.

Both of them

are so handsome.

Ransom is black and orange.

Aaron Is black and blue.

Both have a little metallic, too.

Aaron likes pellets,

but Ransom likes blood worms.

If I don’t clean their tanks often

they get full of germs.

I am so lucky to have them as my betta fish.

It was something I always wished.

Ransom is a bumble bee male betta.

Aaron is a premium butterfly male betta.

Ivy H. is a Level 1 student who has a sister, two brothers, and recently went water skiing for the first time.

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