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2 min readJun 16, 2021

By Nic S.

This is Nic, the creator telling you about Moodopiya. I am very rich. I make about one trillion a day. Yes, one trillion a day. Anyways, Moodopiya is a planet I invented not too long ago. There are only about four to five thousand people. Moodopiya is in a different universe called Moofokiea. Also the people that live in this universe are called Piyads and they decided to move here in Moodopiya.

Moodopiya is about 1,000 times bigger than Earth. Life is easier in Moodopiya. There are no homeless people. Why, you ask? Because everybody makes at least $1,000 per day! My friend is coming over to Moodopiya. His name is Cack. He also has a dopiya which is what we call a dog. The dog is kind of an alien in Moodopiya. His name is Zeus. Zeus is five years old.

Moodopiya is an amazing planet to live on. Everybody is nice to you. We also have these floating cars so you can go to the floating islands. You can also live on one of these islands. They are very big so you can make a big house.

We are looking for more people/aliens to come to this planet. And you can become super rich by the money machine. You put in how much money you have and even more money comes out! You can only do it twice in a row and you can only do it once every month. If you try to do it in less than a month, you will get less money.

If you want to live here you can give me a call at 512–555–3514. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nic. S is a Level 1 student who likes skateboarding.



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