Kung Fu Panda Movie Review

By Jack W.

Kung Fu Panda 2 is an awesome movie that’s about a panda named Po who unexpectedly becomes a samurai. Now let me tell you some more about Kung Fu Panda.

The lead character, Kung Fu Panda, also known as Po, is very trained. He has a VERY big responsibility. He’s very good at his job. POW! BAM! ZOOM! All of that excitement! It’s so cool! When I told you he’s very good at his job, it’s for a good reason. You see, there’s this bad guy who’s trying to take over China, so Kung Fu Panda, AKA Po, needs to fight the bad guys. This is why he needs to be good at his job, you see. But don’t worry, he’s not by himself. He has other ninjas to help him fight bad guys. Together, they are the Furious 6! Not the Furious 5 like they used to be, the Furious 6!

Tigress the tiger is a master at fighting. She has sharp claws, and she is very good at stealth. Monkey the monkey is an extremely agile character! She could easily slip past enemies and punch them in the gut! Crane the bird could use a cool superpower! She would flap her wings so powerfully that it could create hurricanes! Mantis is super small but do not underestimate Mantis’s strength. She can lift a house! Viper the snake is also super agile but not quite as agile as Monkey. In training, Viper can slither around and dodge fire that is constantly coming up through the floor! It’s so cool! My favorite scene was when Po let his past flow and catches fire energy balls, and throws them back at the enemy ships, and explodes them! You wanna know my least favorite scene? Well guess what!? I don’t have a least favorite scene!

In conclusion, and after all we’ve been through, I think you have a pretty good picture about Kung Fu Panda 2. It’s a pretty good film, don’t you think? After all, it is very exciting and has some really good parts. I think it’s quite awesome!

Jack W. is a Level 1 student who loves playing with his friend Kegan. Two days ago, I went to his birthday! Including me there were four people! It was so fun! We played laser tag, ate cookie cake, played basketball, played playstation, and ate junk food! I loved it!

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