By Evie J.

Once upon a time, there was a rat that lived in a school. It was Spring, and it was the end of school. The school janitor’s name was Jack. Jack’s boss was very mean, and he wanted the school very clean.

One day, the rat suddenly had to hide. Jack was walking to lunch and he saw the rat. He chased the rat and it hid in the trash.

While Jack was eating his lunch, he was thinking about taking the trash out. The rat was still in the trash can. Jack’s boss was walking down the hall, and he smelled the rat. He wanted to get it and kick it out of the school.

But before his boss could get the rat, Jack grabbed it and ran away to his car. He drove home with the rat. His neighbor asked, “Why do you have a rat in your hands?” Jack was embarrassed.

In the morning, Jack fed the rat milk and nuts. The rat was happy, and so was Jack — but the boss was mad. Jack was so happy that he bought more rats. He loved rats. He learned that he can help things in need. And so can you. The end.

Evie J. is a Level 1 student who loves cats and dogs. Her favorite color is rose gold and she likes rats.

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