I Want to Go to Florida

By Chloe C.

March 17, 2021

Dear Mom and Dad,

I would love to go to Florida because it would be fun and an adventure. If it costs a lot then I will help get money by helping around the neighborhood. Another reason that I want to go is because there will be fun things to do there like swimming, building sand castles, and going somewhere new. There is still COVID but we can drive or we can fly after we get vaccines. I also want to learn more about Florida and a specific place is the beach in Clearwater, Florida. When we go there I hope we can try a new type of food. I can check everyone’s schedule to find a time and date that we can all go there. I hope that we can talk more about this over the weekend.



Chloe C is a Level 1 student who loves playing Roblox.

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