I want a puppy to play with

By Chloe C.

March 25, 2021

Dear Mom and Dad,

I would love to get a puppy because they are super cute, fun to play with, and I can teach it fun tricks. A few tricks that we could teach the puppy are sit, stand, roll over, and drop. I also want to get a puppy because they are fun to go on walks with. I know you might worry about how they take time or because they might ruin the furniture. We can teach it to stay away from our furniture and when we can’t take care of it we can try crate training it. Since we are renting a house we can talk to the landlord and see what they say. If it is hard to take care of it then I can learn how online. Since dogs need to exercise, I can take it for walks, play fetch with it and make sure it has things to do. I hope that we can talk more about this over the weekend.



Chloe C. is a Level 1 student who loves red velvet cake.

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