By Jack C.

1. Get a dog and a leash.

2. Do not let a monkey get your dog or they will go crazy like this:

3. Ask your mom or dad if you can walk your dog somewhere in the neighborhood. About 12 houses next to you would be a good walk.

4. Make sure they are well trained before you take them on a walk. If you see another dog and they are not trained, they will do this.

5. Make sure you have a poop bag and a poop bag holder or you can put poop bags in your pocket. Once you are done, you can carry the poop bag. If you walk past a spot again you can leave it there and pick it up again.

6. If it is in my yard, do not forget to pick it up.

7. When you are done, you can leave the poop bag in the trash can.

8. If you do not have a dog, you can ask if you can walk a neighbor’s dog. You can also see if you can walk a dog with your friend.

9. If it is raining, you may not want to take your dog. I slipped and I have a scar on my leg. So, you may not want to take your dog out when it is raining.

10. If your dog pulls when she or he sees a dog, you should get a pull collar. What it does is pull the dog’s head down. It does not hurt the dog, it just makes the dog’s head go down so it can’t see the things around him/her.

11. Bark collars are better if they shock the dog because the dog can get used to it. Also, the dog learns not to bark on a walk.

12. If your dog is well trained, you do not need a leash. They are good with a leash too. If you do not like running then you can get a dog that does not need a leash.

13. If you can you should not walk your dog when it is dark out you could trip or fall and your dog could run away. It would be very bad.

14. If it snows, you can take your dog on a walk. But it will be very very bad if your dog sees another dog if she or he is stronger than you. They will pull you and you could fall down.

15. If you do not like your dog barking, you can bring treats on a walk. So when he/she sees a dog, you can give them a treat. That way when they see the treat, they look away from the other dog.

Jack C. is a Level 1 student who likes taking dogs on walks.

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