How To Take Care Of Your Cockatiel

By Vivienne S.

1: NEVER get a cage from PetSmart or PetCo. They say it’s good for parakeets, cockatiels, and finches, but it is actually too small.


3: Give a variety of natural wood perches. Dowel wood perches are good.

4: If you have a dog, make sure there is a door between the dog and the cockatiel

5: Make sure not too cold

6: Have at least 10 bird toys

7: Have a square cage not a round one

8: Play top cages are good to have for your bird

9: Don’t buy a bird from PetCo or PetSmart. They both take very bad care of the animals they have

10: Find a breeder, or a well-reviewed place
11: I suggest Gallery Of Pets

12: Don’t buy plastic toys — they are very hard to clean

13: If it gets cold in your home, put a heater in or by the cage

14: Get a night light. Cockatiels get night fright

15: If it’s not that dark in your room at night, put a blanket on half of the cage

16: Before sleep, make sure there is no food or poop in the food or water

17: Make sure you let out your bird

18: When you bring your bird home, leave them in the cage for a day

19: If you are getting a harness, you need to do harness training

20: You do not need to do training with bird clothes if your bird has done harness training

Vivienne S. is a Level 1 student who is about to get a second cockatiel.

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