How To Play Survive the Natural Disasters in Roblox

By Henry A.

Step 1: Finding The Game.

Open Roblox. Search, “Survive the Natural Disasters.” Click on the game and click on the play button. If the server is full, go to “Servers” and join another.

Step 2: When You Join.

When you spawn in the tower, watch the round and wait for the next round to start so you can join. Don’t jump off of the tower because you can’t touch water. If you do, you will die.

Step 3: Stuff You Can Do While You’re Waiting.

If you have Robucks, which is Roblox Money, you can use them to get helpful stuff at the top of the tower. There are some posters that show apples and balloons. They cost Robucks so you need Robucks. Try to make some friends when you are waiting.

Step 4: What To Look For.

When the round starts, you will be on an island. If it gets cloudy, that means there is going to be either acid rain, lightning, a tornado, a snowstorm or a sandstorm. When it is cloudy, take shelter in a building nearby.

If it is sunny on the island, it will either be a meteor shower, a volcano, a flash flood, a tsunami or an earthquake. When it is sunny, you have to wait for the disaster to happen before you know what to do.

Step 5: Acid Rain.

To survive an acid rain, get inside a shelter that is really thick and don’t go outside until the round is over. If the roof melts, try to find a building that still has a stable roof and remember: don’t go outside. Before the disaster starts, if there is a rocket nearby go up the tower and get on the rocket to escape the island. Tell other people to help press buttons to launch the rocket and make sure you start the engines.

Step 6: Lightning.

To survive lightning, don’t go to high places and stay inside. If the roof is struck by lightning, go somewhere else that has a good roof. Stay on the bottom floor and stay away from walls. To escape, you can ride in the rocket.

Step 7: Tornadoes.

To survive a tornado, get out of the building if you’re in one. Go to the edge of the island and don’t touch the ground that has no grass on it. You will fall through it if the tornado comes near. Run from it and get out of its path. You can escape on the rocket but if the tornado gets there first then it might crash the rocket so it’s less risky to stay on the island.

Step 8: Snowstorm.

To survive a snowstorm, go in the building that has the thickest walls so the snow can’t blow them and stay in a corner for warmth. If the walls do blow down, get behind something in near you or go to another building. It is also risky to escape on a rocket.

Step 9: Sandstorm.

To survive a sandstorm, look at which way the sand is coming from and walk towards the side of the island where the sand is blowing. Stay there so nothing blows at you and knocks you down. If something hits you, you will take damage and get blown back. Try to get out of the way. Escaping on a rocket is really hard so do not try to do it.

Step 10: Meteor Shower.

To survive a meteor shower, go to a lighthouse or just somewhere tall and look up. If you can’t find a tall thing to get under or go inside, then just look up and try to avoid the meteors. If you want, you can go to the edge of the island. I wouldn’t fly the rocket if I were you.

Step 11: Volcano.

To survive a volcano, you should stay under a roof that is on the bottom floor with a thick roof. If the roof gets smashed, then you can go over to the volcano and get on it to hide behind a rock so the lava won’t get you. You can sometimes get away on a rocket.

Step 12: Flash Flood.

Get somewhere high like on a roof and make sure the roof is flat. If the building gets washed away then there is usually no way to win by then so it’s pretty hard. It is really easy to get away on a rocket before the flash flood but it’s a little hard if the flash flood is happening at take off.

Step 13: Tsunami.

Look at the tsunami and try to tell how high it is and get a little higher than it and jump off and you will get over the tsunami if you jump at the wrong time then you will lose. If there’s nowhere high then you can follow other players and figure out their will have to escape on the rocket fast if you want to escape.

Step 14: Earthquake.

To survive an earthquake, get out of buildings then get off pathways and away from trees don’t touch anything or you will take damage. If you can’t get out of the building try to get to the ground floor and look for a way out. Getting on a rocket is too risky.

Step 15: Prison Shortcut.

This is for tricks and stuff. On the prison map you can unlock your door by looking through your door and there’s a block on the door press it and you can open your door and unlock other doors to save other people.

Step 16: Tornado Trick.

You can get sucked up in a tornado and still survive as long as there is nothing flying around if it hits you you will die. But usually it will just suck off your hair and maybe a limb so you’re usually fine.

Step 17: What You Should Never Do.

Never climb something tall like a water tower because it might fall off the island. Never get in a rocket if the disaster is already happening if you do get in the rocket will fail and crash.

Step 18: Hard Mode.

If you have robucks and you want a challenge, then you can go up to the top of the tower. If you see a big cool machine, you can make like one, two, three or four disasters at once! I recommend getting good at the game first.

Step 19: How To Work With Other Players.

At the rocket launching map, you can chat to their players that you want them to help launch the rocket. It might be hard to get other players to do stuff so ya. A way to get other people to help you is to let them get on the ship, too.

Step 20: Fun!

Have fun exploring and surviving! I hope this helped.

Henry A is a Level 1 student who enjoys playing Roblox and making stop animation.

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