How to play football

  1. Find at least 2 people to play football.
  2. Get a football.
  3. Find an open space to play football, at least 100 yds.
  4. Find 2 spots for the 2 end zones and the out of bounds is at the side of the field.
  5. Do a coin toss for who gets the ball, and who is on offense and defense.
  6. The defense has to kick the ball to the opposite side to the offense to start the game.
  7. The offense catches the ball and runs with it to the end zone.
  8. The offense tries to score a touchdown.
  9. The defense has to block the offense.
  10. The offense gets 4 downs to play to get closer to the end zone.
  11. One player on the defense has to rush the QB.
  12. The QB passes the ball to a receiver.
  13. The receiver tries to score a touchdown.
  14. A touchdown is worth 6 points.
  15. Then, you can do a PAT — point after touchdown, by kicking the ball in the goal. That is worth 1 point.
  16. The team that ends the game with the most points wins the game.



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