By Nicholas D.

Step 1

Get a trampoline or find one.

Step 2

Clean the stuff on the trampoline.

Step 3

Get familiar with bouncing on the trampoline.

Step 4

Start bouncing on your back.

Step 5

Bounce on your back then Back Somersault.

Step 6

Take a break. You don’t want to burn yourself out.

Step 7

Learn to do a cartwheel.

Step 8

Face forward then turn and do a cartwheel.

Step 9

Figure out your dominant arm.

Step 10

Throw your arms over your dominant shoulder, turn to your dominant arm, do a cartwheel.

Step 11

Take another break. Make sure you drink water to stay hydrated!

Step 12

Throw your arms over your dominant shoulder and don’t turn. Throw your legs over your shoulder and do a side backflip.

Step 13

Keep doing step 12 and get used to it. Practice makes perfect!

Step 14

Do step 8 except throw your arms closer and closer to your head and it will turn into a backflip.

Step 15

Brag to your friends and your parents that you can do a backflip.

You’re Done!

Nicholas D. is a Level 1 Student who loves video games and solving Rubik’s cubes.

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