How to beat Minecraft

Bodhi S.

1. Cut down a tree to begin step 2.

2. Build a house for protection. Then, start crafting tables.

3. Make a bed and set a spawn point.

4. Survive the first night. Good luck, noob.

5. Make your tools. The tools you will need are an axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe, and sword.

6. Mine some stone and make a furnace.

7. Build a farm and get some seeds to plant.

8. Kill some mobs and tame a wolf with a bone.

9. Eat some food and craft bread with wheat.

10. Mine more and make a Nether Portal with water and lava.

11. Go to nether and mine netherite the black stuff.

12. Make armor with the netherite.

13. Make Eyes Of The End and find the End Portal.

14. Go to said End portal and put Eyes Of The End in.

15. Go to the End Dimension and destroy the end crystals.

16. Kill the Ender Dragon before it kills you.

17. Win the game and please play more Minecraft!




Bodhi S. is a Level 1 student who likes to do video games. He also likes neon blue and his favorite food is pizza.

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