How To Beat Bacteria on Plague Inc.

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2 min readFeb 18, 2021


By Nicholas D.

PRO TIP: Devolve any symptoms until you start evolving them (Devolving Instructions)

Step 1: Starting the Game.

You want to start the game on normal. You do not need any genes for this method.

Step 2: Starting Place.

Start in the North of China.

Step 3: Waiting.

Wait until you have 20 DNA Points.

Step 4: Evolving Transmission.

Evolve Air and Water 1.

Step 5: Resistance.

Save for 20 DNA Points and evolve Drug Resistance 1 and Bacterial Resilience 1 on Abilities.

Step 6: Evolving Transmission 2.

Save for 55 DNA Points and Evolve the rest of the chain of Water and Air.

Step 7: Genetic stuff.

Save for 30 DNA Points and then Evolve Genetic hardening 1 and Genetic ReShuffle 1 because it slows down the cure.

Step 8: Resistance Part 2.

Save for 40 DNA points and then evolve

Genetic Hardening 2 and Bacterial Resilience 2 on Abilities.

Step 9: Speeding Things Up (optional).

On the top right corner of your screen, where the date is, tap that until you see three symbols: Pause, triangle, and two triangles. Now, tap the two triangles.

Step 10: Saving, Saving, Saving, Saving, Saving, Saving.

Make sure you save your DNA points. It would be best to save until you get to 95.

Step 11: Infection.

Wait until a message on the news says, “There is no healthy person in the world.”

Step 12: Killer Bacteria.

Evolve Rash, Sweating, And Fever. This will start killing.

Step 13: Waiting 2.

Wait for 1,000,000 Dead.

Step 14: Killer Bacteria Part 2.

Evolve Immune Suppression and Total Organ Failure.

Step 15: Waiting Part 3.

Wait for 2,000,000,000 Dead.

Step 16: Killer Bacteria Part 3.

Evolve More Symptoms to speed the process up.

Now You have Destroyed the World.

Nicholas D. is a Level 1 student who loves video games and Rubik’s cubes.



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