By Olivia M.

I chose this topic because I love horses and they are my favorite animals. The horse that I ride is named Cowboy. He is a Painted Pony. He has a black and white mane and his body is white, black, and brown. It is really pretty.

In our lessons we jump and canter and it is really fun. I have my own saddle pad and grooming bag. I go to horse every Thursday and sometimes I go with my friend on different days . She leases a horse named Mickey. He is really cute.

There is also another horse named Chicago. He is a white horse. He was the first horse I learned to canter and jump on.

He is a pony so he is pretty small. He also likes when you give him carrots and likes to lick your hand.

Then there is a horse named Tulsa. Tulsa is a really nice horse. She is kind of hard to get going but I still love her. I like her canter and jump. She jumps really high. She is a brown horse. I think she is a Chestnut. She likes to nibble on your hand. I like horses because they are great animals, so cute and loving.

Olivia M. is a Level 1 student who loves horses.



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