By Hannah B.

My review is about horses. Horses are great pets and can take you places. I love riding them, petting them, and grooming them. The reason I picked horses for my review is because I love riding them. It’s fun because I feel so high and free.

They are great pets because they come in different breeds and for different purposes. For example, a Morgan horse is bred for riding, and an American Quarter Horse is made for racing. Even though they are big they can be sweet. My favorite horse breed is a Chestnut.

Horses can be tolerant to the cold and warm. You can ride horses in the snow (it looks like a lot of fun). You can also ride horses when it’s hot. Horses can be in most weather, but make sure not to ride them when there’s thunder and lightning.

I went to a horse camp last year, and I rode a horse named Rose. Rose was sweet and was a great horse. For the horse show at the end I decorated her with roses. The show was fun and Rose is an awesome horse.

Horses are great. They come in different breeds and are fun to tack up. Horses are tolerant to most weather. They are fun to be around. Horses are great pets.

Hannah B. is a Level 1 student who likes rollerblading, sports, and animals.

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